Registration of IP and
Autonomous systems

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Outsource server management services

  • Network management for ISP

    • Create / support telecommunication nodes
    • Assistance in obtaining the status of LIR, and your own IP ranges from RIPE NCC, AS numbers
    • Autonomous systems support
    • Dynamic network routing (OSPF, EIGRP)
    • LAN Segmenting (vlan)
    • Create / support of monitoring systems / network management (SNMP, TELNET, SSH)
    • Create / support systems, billing
    • Create / support VPN server (PPPoE, PPTP)
    • Create / network support VoIP (IP-telephony) (stream E1 <-> protocol SIP)
  • Network management for corporation

    • Development and implementation of web-based software products for the automation of the office (eg CRM systems)
    • The logical union of local area networks (connection) combining all of the offices of your company
    • Internet access distribution at the office
    • Restricting access (content) to the Internet for your office staff via web-interface
    • Security office LAN / Security office local area network (firewall)
  • Additional services

    • Server management services (FreeBSD, Linux)
    • Create / Support WEB server
    • Create / Support DNS server
    • Create / support FTP server
    • Create / support MAIL servers (POP, SMTP)
    • Create / support MySQL database
    • PHP/Perl custom programming

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