Registration of IP and
Autonomous systems

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What are my payment options?
Payment can be made through one of the following options:

  • Wire transfer
  • through PayPal using bank cards, Visa, Mastercard, American Express; through Western Union

Is the price final?
Yes, the price includes all taxes.

What documents will be provided?
With any method of payment provided the documents will show the payment. IP range confirmation is the record in the RIPE NCC database. Additional documents are not required.

What is the registration procedure deadline (timeline)?
The PI resource registration procedure usually take up to 10 days; we need to contact RIPE NCC and answer all their questions to justify the request.

Who will communicate with the RIPE NCC?
We will communicate with the RIPE NCC on your behalf.

How many IP addresses can be obtained?
It is always possible to explain to the RIPE NCC staff the real need for multiple IP addresses. The IP request form includes the IP use plan for the next 2 years. The number of addresses used immediately after the appointment shall be at least 1/4 the quantities planned to use within those two years.

What IPs will be provided?
RIPE NCC shall issue to its members in the IPv4 addresses two basic types of IPs: allocated PA (provider aggregatable), and assigned PI (provider independent). By request, PI addresses will be provided.

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