Registration of IP and
Autonomous systems

Don't settle for cheap when you can have the best!

We provide the Provider Independent (PI), Provider Aggregatable (PA) blocks of IP and autonomous system (AS) registration services for our clients.

Our Benefits of registration of IP addresses and Autonomous System (AS):

  • We work with companies from all countries from the RIPE region.
  • Flexible payment system (you can pay by wire transfer, Western Union, Paypal, etc.)
  • Payment is to be made only after receipt of the requested resources in the RIPE NCC and after client verification! That means 100% reliability!
  • Efficiency in work (time to obtain resources from 3x up to 7 days). Our staff is ready to answer your questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!
  • Do you need an individual approach? Looking for a non-standard solution? We are ready to help customize solutions to fulfill your needs.

IPv4 resources leasing

Autonomous System €99 one time
Range /24 (256 addresses) €299 annually
Range /23 (512 addresses) €499 annually
Range /22 (1024 addresses) by request
Range /21 (2048 addresses) by request
Range /20 (4096 addresses) by request
Range /19 (8192 addresses) by request
Range /18 (16384 addresses) by request

Registration IPv6 Assigned PI resources

Autonomous System €99
Range IPv6 /48 (280 addresses) and autonomous system (AS) €199

*The above fees are one-time.
**1 year support is included.
*** Registration of related facilities in the database RIPE (organization, person, route) is free.

Registered PI resources support

Resources Support Fee €75
IPv4 PI Tranfer Fee €299

*All payments are annual. The RIPE NCC fees are additional.

* Additional information is provided by request

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